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Boost Black Label


Introducing the Boost Black Label range.

Four premium smoothies, each uniquely crafted from an abundance of nature's best


Abundance of nutrition
A wealth of prizes

Mango Mirage

The Mango Mirage is a creamy and refreshing blend of mango and coconut milk, with a hint of ginger and the benefits of protein, lucuma and immunity boosters; leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

What's in Mango Mirage?
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Mango, pineapple, banana, orange, ginger, coconut water, coconut milk, whey protein & ice + lucuma powder & immunity booster (10.9g of protein). original 1120 kJ medium 809 kJ

"It's as good as a Holiday" - Aisha Jade |

Mango Mirage

Pure Eden

The Pure Eden is a clean and refreshing green smoothie, made up of a long list of green fruits and vegetables to give you a healthy but pleasantly sweet taste.

What's in Pure Eden?
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Apple, pineapple, grapes, kale, spinach, cucumber, lemon, banana, mint, coconut water & ice + all greens booster (wheatgrass, alfalfa, barley greens, spinach, spirulina and broccoli plant powders). original 746 kJ medium 505 kJ

"It leaves me feeling virtuous" - Sally O'Neil |

Pure Eden

Protein Supreme

The Protein Supreme is a creamy banana and protein-based smoothie, with the sweetness of honey and dates and the substance from muesli and chia.

What's in Protein Supreme?
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Banana, muesli, dates, honey, coconut water, coconut milk, whey protein, chia, cinnamon & ice + immunity and vita boosters (30.1g of protein). original 1120 kJ medium 809 kJ

"I'm driven for The Ultimate" - Benji Condie |

Protein Supreme

Red Royale

The Red Royale is enriched with a beautifully fresh combination of berries, beetroot and pomegranate but has a sweet scent from the basil and dates.

What's in Red Royale?
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Pomegranate, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, beetroot, basil, banana, apple, pineapple, dates, coconut water & ice + superfruit booster. original 979 kJ medium 723 kJ

"It satisfies my passion for good taste." - Nikki Phillips |

Red Royale

Rejuvenate In Paradise

The Mango Mirage is as good as a holiday, but here you can win the holiday as well.

Win a holiday for 2 people to Hawaii, with business class flights and 10 days accommodation at the luxurious Turtle Bay Resort, courtesy of Jetstar.


Look good,
Feel good

It's easy to look good and feel good when you're working out in New Balance activewear, plus accessories. Win one of 10 x $1,000 New Balance shopping vouchers to look as good as you will feel with the Pure Eden.

Plus, each entry will also get 20% off New Balance gear to use online.

New Balance

Style and Technology

Sony embodies the ultimate in style and technology. Select the Protein Supreme and you could win one of three Sony prize packs, including a 4K Action Cam, 'h.ear on' over ear headphones, Smart B-Trainer, blue cube wireless speaker, Xperia™ Z5 Smartphone, SmartWatch 3, plus a 49" 4K Ultra HD Android TV. The ultimate prize pack for the ultimate lifestyle.

Plus, each entry will also get exclusive offers from Sony online.



Passion For Good Taste

Indulge in the finer things of life with the Red Royale. Dress to impress with a fabulous $5,000 shopping spree at Myer. With a desire for style, you'll also know how far a $5,000 UBER voucher can take you. Together, it's the immaculate prize.

Plus, each entry will also get $25 off your first UBER ride.


Black Label Winners

Mango Mirage: G. Sinacori

Red Royale: E. Shi

Protein Supreme: S. Dale, B. Rogers and R. Karwa

Pure Eden: M. Foote, S. Coughlan, H. Wallace, S. Holani, C. Goldsworthy, E. Elliott, R. Brien, M. Bobart, S. Hutchinson and K. Butcher